DarkCTF Official Writeup - Dark Social Web

Dark Social Web

Points: 472

Author: Catamob, Whitewolf


0xDarkArmy has 1 social account, and DarkArmy uses the same name everywhere. Hint: The front page of internet
Hint: the front page of the internet
flag format: darkctf{}


We already have accounts on Twitter and Instagram with the same username for a long time. But we didn’t advertise Reddit and the one community with r/0xDarkArmy and user account with u/0xDarkArmy.

People who don’t know our Reddit account can be found from the hint that the Reddit’s slogan is “The Front page of the internet”.


python3 sherlock 0xDarkArmy

Sherlock will give you the intended result of social media accounts.

In r/0xDarkArmy, there is a pinned post as below,

Social 1

0xDarkArmy’s comment saying DarkSecret in the profile, One post in u/0xDarkArmy says spoiler contains and it contains the QR code to a .onion website.

Social 2

Tor is needed for opening .onion sites, in that 1st part of the flag is in robots.txt and 2nd part of the flag is in the request body as flag header,

Social 2



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